Virginia's 1st Youth Safety Summit:

Empowering Youth and Adults to Avoid Exploitation, Including Human Trafficking

Because abuse and exploitation are not inevitable.


SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 2018 9 AM - 4 PM

Thank you to our sponsors for enabling us
to provide this event FREE OF CHARGE.

Breakfast and Lunch Included.

Registration Required.

"We only have two choices – do something or do nothing.”

– Tony Kirwan



VIRGINIA SENATE BILL 259 passed in 2012 requires the Board of Education, with assistance from the Department of Social Services, to provide awareness and training materials for local school division staff on human trafficking, including strategies for the prevention of trafficking of children.

2012 VIRGINIA PTA RESOLUTION: "Multiple incidents of child trafficking have been reported in recent years throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia resulting in numerous convictions of perpetrators.."

2013 BRIEF: Laying the Foundation for Virginia's Coordinated Response to Human Trafficking. Written to protect Virginia's citizens through prevention and awareness, services for victims, and the prosecution of traffickers. Written by the Governor, Office of the Secretary of Public Safety, and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

FEDERAL BILL HR 4980: Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act of 2014. Requires states to develop policies and procedures to identify, document, screen, and determine children under the child welfare agency's care and supervision, who are victims of, or at risk of, sex trafficking. They must report children in their care identified as sex trafficking victims to law enforcement. They must report the number of victims of sex trafficking to the DHHS who will in turn report these numbers to members of Congress and make it public policy.

VIRGINIA SENATE BILL 1188 & HOUSE BILL 1964. In March 2015, Virginia passes its first stand-alone anti-trafficking laws, 15 years after the passage of the TVPA. It is the last state in the Continental U.S. to do so.

THE JUSTICE FOR VICTIMS TRAFFICKING ACT of 2015 addresses the demand side of sex trafficking by prohibiting the patronizing or soliciting of commercial sex or benefiting from these activities. This law makes traffickers and buyers equally culpable.

VIRGINIA HOUSE BILL 2282: Passed in 2017, this bill, effective July 1, 2017, requires the Virginia Board of Education to develop guidelines for training school counselors, school nurses and other relevant school staff on the prevention of trafficking of children.